Edmond is one of Africa’s most experienced Media Content Designers and a Management Consultant.

He has worked for world-class agencies including Reuters News Agency, the Voice of America and Business Day, South Africa’s best-selling business newspaper.

He has consulted for global brands including PricewaterhouseCoopers, and British-based charities Action Aid International and Send a Cow besides a host of other multi-national groups. He was part of the founding team for The East African newspaper, contributing to its conceptualization and design.

He has owned media houses as well as helping others thrive. He designs revolutionary content. In 1996 he started a weekly magazine which he took from selling 2,000 copies a week to 25,000 copies a week in only four months.

In 2004 he consulted for a Rwandan-based newspaper, The New Times, which he took from a circulation of 1,200 copies a week to 7,500 copies a week in only six weeks. In 2013, he consulted for a South Sudanese newspaper that he took from a paltry 500 copies a week to 2,500 copies a week in six weeks. He has travelled widely on the continent, in Europe and elsewhere.

He has also managed multi-media and other varied business enterprises.

As Founding President and Chief Executive Officer of Kizito Group of Companies, he was responsible for crafting the company’s vision and business outlook.

He is currently involved in crafting strategy, emplacing the company’s portfolio and overseeing its growth.

He has chaired several Boards both for-profit as well as charitable groups.

He speaks both English and French.


Contribute, as much as possible, towards the building of the Kingdom of God on earth.

Do this with humility and due consideration to the dignity and rights of man.

Respect laws, customs and values of living wherever I go.